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Our Values

About ITG

Our Values

Our values express our identity and how we wish to be known by our clients.


For ITG, INTEGRITY is not an act; it is our way of being. Nobody imposes on us expectations higher than what we impose on ourselves.


We work very hard to keep our word- to earn clients’ trust. We are open in our interactions with clients. We would rather not engage than promise something we cannot deliver.


We challenge our expertise continuously. We study and conduct research to maintain our competitive advantage.


We are totally sold out to our business and we don’t wish to be known for many things, we just want to be known for People Development.


We focus on providing relevant, inspiring and innovative programs that respond to the issues and the challenges that people, businesses and organizations face.

Our Mission

Helping organizations and their employees grow and thrive through inspired education.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for organizations learning needs, skills and people development.

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