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Developing A Healthy Personality

Have you ever been around someone you really liked? Not in the context of physical features or sexual attractiveness, although there could be some hue to that dimension as well, but the genuine response of being drawn to somebody and liking them because of their personality attractiveness. Exuding some glow of radiance, confidence, and pleasantness in the way they present and carry themselves out. It is likely that you can also recall somebody whom you didn’t like at all and perhaps you couldn’t put your finger on the reason why.

Your personality is what distinguishes you from all other beings on the planet. It allows you to show your character to the world. It is the trademark by which people recognize you. It determines your successes or failures in selling yourself throughout your entire life. It may be difficult to admit right now, that you are either the kind of person that people really like or completely dislike.

You could also be sandwiched in between the two extremes. The fact is, if you are not liked by others, there is a reason which is not difficult to detect and correct if you know the how. The problem is that you will hardly ever get feedback on what others dislike about you. Similarly you never volunteer unsolicited for feedback to the people whom you have disliked over the years. But absence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of absence.

Your personality consists of more than thirty qualities and characteristics. The good news is that every trait is under your control. Attracting others is a skill that can be learned and acquired. It is something that can be done deliberately by generating and arousing the right kind of response. Personality attractiveness is all about the fuzzy intangibles; the way you speak, the metaphors you use, your nonverbal expressiveness.

Knowingly or unknowingly, this is what creates perceptions in the minds of other people which informs their judgment and evaluation about you. This determines whether people are attracted to you or shy away from you. This program is designed to educate and equip you in order to CREATE and MAINTAIN a MAGNETIC personality.

The course will cover

  • How to turn on and transmit enthusiasm enabling you to become a people magnet.
  • The common habits that destroy a pleasing personality.
  • How to tell if people have a positive attitude towards you or not plus how others tell if you have a positive attitude.
  • Discover the language vocabulary of your ‘emotional country’ which defines how you express yourself to other people and the responses that you evoke.
  • The Marks of a Healthy personality
  • Why a healthy pleasing personality important
  • The spiritual side of our personality
  • The emotional side of our personality
  • The Mental attitudes side of our personality
  • How to turn on and transmit enthusiasm enabling you to become a people magnet

Additional Benefits

  • A course workbook with information presented on the material day
  • A certificate of attendance