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Sales Academy

Sales revenue generation has everything to do with the training, competency and drive of your sales team. The Sales Academy addresses real business sales challenges and provides the much needed help to sales people to be able to deal capably with market situations and deliver maximum results.

Our programs are arguably the most comprehensive and practical solutions you will ever find in the market that will bring you measurable, verifiable and tangible results. Through our programs, you can turnaround any non-performer in your team into a top performer; develop a team that is proactive and capable of up-selling and cross selling; build strong relationships with customers; manage sales activities effectively and envision new business opportunities for commercialization.

Course Modules

  • Business Thinking
  • Foundation of successful Selling
  • The Key Result Areas in Selling
  • The sales process
  • Sales Planning
  • Measurement of sales activity
  • The buying cycle and how to influence the direction of the sale
  • Account entry strategies: the principles for penetrating new accounts; opening up new parts of existing accounts; selling additional products to existing accounts.
  • Positioning of selling solutions
  • Communicating value propositions powerfully and persuasively.
  • Following up and closing in on client opportunities.
  • The psychology of selling
  • Keys to sales Success
  • Value Based Selling
  • Consultative selling
  • Clients Relationship Management

Additional Benefits

  • A course workbook with information presented on the material day
  • A certificate of attendance