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Diversity & Inclusion

Other the years, organizations and companies with diverse teams have gradually emerged. As a result, diversity and inclusion at the workplace has now become a regular subject of discussion among employers and business leaders. While a diverse range of individuals and personalities bring great value to organizations, it also present very real work-place challenges of inclusion. Hence the need for investing in diversity and inclusion (D&I) training programs.

This program focuses on the best practices for inclusive culture and diversity management: Helping individuals within organizations bring out their best self forward in a way that makes everyone feel a sense of belonging and creatively engaged at the workplace. It is has been designed to mitigate the challenges and limitations that your team may face: Helping your staff learn how to work together better as one team to create a more inclusive work-place.

Our intention is to help your organization develop a culture where people from all walks of life feel respected, valued, included and appreciated.

Course Modules

  • Diversity defined
  • The primary and secondary dimensions of diversity
  • Aspects of diversity in the work place
  • Valuing Diversity at the work place
  • How diversity benefits a team and the organization
  • How to build effective relationships in a diverse setting
  • Possible barriers to diversity: Behaviour that blocks authentic relationships.
  • Factors that can impede effective team work between persons with diverse backgrounds.
  • Promoting authentic relationships
  • Recognizing and exploring differences
  • Culture & Communication
  • Appreciating Differences
  • Respecting differences
  • Countering unconscious biasness
  • The 4 types of diversity
  • Designing a diversity initiative
  • Diversity and inclusion best practices for changing your culture
  • Diversity and inclusion success metrics
  • Developing equality, diversity and inclusion policy
  • Designing and developing diversity and inclusion strategy
  • How to measure the impact of a diversity initiative.
  • Business and economic imperatives of diversity
  • Diversity metrics
  • How to promote diversity in the work place
  • Challenges of diversity in the workplace
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Fostering inclusiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understanding the language vocabulary of people’s ‘emotional country’ which dictates how you should communicate to other people.
  • Bias awareness; dealing with micro aggressions or unconscious biases.
  • Developing awareness of interactions with others

Additional Benefits

  • A course workbook with information presented on the material day
  • A certificate of attendance