Performance Improvement Performance management is an integral part which enable business managers create business management policies to measure how well their business units are performing in terms of service delivery comparable to certain previous time periods. Therefore, managers need to keep track of their employees’ performance by using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and … Continue reading Performance Improvement & Productivity
Coaching We provide personalized one-on-one leadership coaching for business leaders, executives and all kinds of employees of different professions to help them attain their greatness. The coaching sessions are conducted in person or virtually and they focus mainly on specific challenges that the person is experiencing. In a number of cases also, we do take … Continue reading Coaching
Speakers’ Academy It may surprise you to know that many people thrust upon leadership roles are not aware that a rise in rank of any leadership capacity demands an expanded set of skills. One of the key competencies that determine your overall success in any leadership capacity and which you must have and develop is … Continue reading Speakers’ Academy
Corporate Governance Corporate governance is key in helping organizations get established and build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering long-term investment, financial stability, business integrity and continued growth. This program offers insight on the principles and the key building blocks for a sound corporate governance framework and provides practical guidance for … Continue reading Corporate Governance
Diversity & Inclusion Other the years, organizations and companies with diverse teams have gradually emerged. As a result, diversity and inclusion at the workplace has now become a regular subject of discussion among employers and business leaders. While a diverse range of individuals and personalities bring great value to organizations, it also present very real … Continue reading Diversity & Inclusion