Maintaining the status quo is a risky affair

Growth is vital to both your success at a personal level and the prosperity of your business as well. Growth thinking is necessary to keep you and your business multiplying the results you produce. Every person, every enterprise and every national economy should and must focus on growth.

In a world that is growing and expanding every day, lack of growth means that you are lagging behind: If you are not growing, competitors will eventually overtake you. Growth is the only guarantee you have for the future. If you don’t focus on growth you will cease to exist. Here are some truths that you need to know about GROWTH.

  1. Growing takes courage. Every step you take to grow yourself in any dimension carries with it a certain degree of uncertainty. You have to endanger what you have already in order to become something more. Therefore, you must be willing to take reasonable amount of risks in order to grow.
  2. Growth has a psychological dimension. The mere experience of growth has a way of energizing you; growth energizes the business enterprise and attracts new opportunities. If you are not enthused about what you are doing with your life or what is happening in your business, then it may be a big tell sign that you are not on growth mode.
  3. Growth for its own sake does not do any good. Many business enterprises run into to trouble when people at the hem of leadership become obsessed with expansion plans. Any growth plans must be gradual and strategic to give you competitiveness within the realities of the operating environment.