How to fast track your career

What constitutes a good job? Who determines it is a good job? If a job does not help you fulfill your purpose in life, then it is not a good job. You have got to ask yourself, “How do I want to live my life?” You can create a job for yourself anywhere anytime as long as you can convince and demonstrate to a potential employer that s/he can make or save more money than the cost of hiring you.

Think about this for a moment: Why would Jane and James be changing jobs anytime they want, while John and Joyce are jobless and have been unsuccessful in securing jobs? Why would Peter and Janet be stuck in the same old dead end career for ages contended with their mediocre pay? Which one are you? Jane and James represent the creative minority in every sector constituting about 5%. Obviously, there is something that these characters know that majority don’t.

Ignition Training Group has organized a one day workshop on the 27th of July 2024. The objective is to equip you with the right tools in order to create and develop a valuable nameplate or brand called ‘you’ in your chosen field. Here is a preview of what to expect during this workshop:

  • You will get to learn the five advancement strategies used by the 5% minority.
  • You will be able to identify the winning edges in your field and how to present yourself as the ideal person for a specific job.
  • You will learn the universal single most important thing that potential employers look for.
  • You will gain insight that will enable you identify the five major critical factors that should signal a breakaway point or change in your career path.
  • You will discover clear pointers to your life’s purpose and God given assignment in life.
  • You will be shown the key rules used for making decisions in hiring highly paid employees and how to get ahead in your career.

This workshop is about the EVOLUTION of your professional life or it’s EXTINCTION. If you would like to be part of this workshop, please write or call us for details on how to register. Your investment for this workshop is USD100

Career Advancement

Many people in employment assume their assigned duties and roles merely as passive subjects of those to whom they report to. They let their jobs use them until they become what we would call worn out parts. The amazing paradox however is that anyone can and should use their job instead of letting their job use them. Look-if you think of your job as drudgery, you will obviously come to hate it; if you think of it as a routine, with the passage of time, you will ultimately loathe it.

Here is how to use your job: If you can think of your job as a constant challenge (and actually it is), you will embrace every opportunity it provides for you to improve on yourself and your performance ratings. As a result, you will enter into an exciting journey of career advancement and fulfillment.

Begin at once to do your job so much better than what you have been doing before until you have reserve skills and energy that wouldn’t be utilized in that particular job. In other words, become better than your job. When you become better than what your present job is demanding from you then you will have outgrown your present job.

As soon as you have become much bigger than your present job, somehow you will either get a bigger job-from your present employer or another employer. Always think of your job as a never ending series of challenge and opportunity to improve. To improve in order to outgrow and become much bigger.