How to Survive a Job Loss

Life presents us with a variety of eventualities that oscillate around being dramatic, wonderful and not so wonderful. Losing a job is one of those dramatic and not so wonderful happenstances. The truth is that we should expect it at some point in life but we don’t, and that is naivety. A job loss could happen for a number of reasons: Collapse of an industry, lay-offs, erosion of brand names and so forth. You wouldn’t drive around your city for years and not expect to have a flat tyre someday. As a matter of fact, you are always prepared for that eventuality (if you are an above average being, that is) and that explains why you have a spare tyre.

For many people, a job means more to them than just a means of earning a livelihood. It provides a structure around which they build their lives. They know where to go to when they wake up every morning. So when someone loses a job, it can really be stressful because they feel destabilized, disoriented and out of control. Some people even get into depression when they lose their jobs.