Take Your ‘Side Hassle’ To Another Level

The high rate of inflation has pushed up the price of many commodities making life almost unbearable for most city dwellers. In an attempt to arrest the diminishing purchasing power of the hard earned shilling, everyone seems to be engaged in some kind of a ‘SIDE HASSLE’ to supplement their income. Most of the ‘Side hassles’ revolve around SELLING of some merchandise: Shoes, Handbags, Beauty care products, Second Hand cloathes, Jewellery, Farm produce, Nutritional Supplements, and the list goes on and on. You are probably already engaged in doing one of those.

The sad reality is that many people doing all these kind of stuff don’t succeed at all and will abandon their ‘Side hassle’ within a year or two. Why is that? Most of them fail not because the product won’t sell but because they are seriously handicapped when it comes to SELLING anything. They lack the basic selling skills that are pivotal in sales revenue generation in a crowded and a very competitive market. The challenge is further made complex by the fact that they have not the slightest CLUE that their selling skills deficiency is driving their ‘Side hassles’ out of business.

If you are involved in any kind of ‘Side hassle’, the probability is that you are currently generating less than 30% of the sales you could be doing every month. If you are dissatisfied by your sales numbers and you are serious about taking your Side Hassle Sales to a totally different level, then make a date with us on 6 July 2024. At our Sales Academy, we will show you what you need to do, how to do it, why to do it, the and how you can DOUBLE your SALES REVENUE in less than THREE MONTHS.

This workshop is ideal for non-sales persons who are currently doing selling, small business owners and it is also open to any other person, including sales people as well keen on honing their skills.

We will not be taking a crowd: We are limiting the number of participants in this workshop because we would like to give very individualized coaching. To reserve your seat and details on registration, please call or write us before 21st June.

How to be happier on your job

Are you excited about going to work? Are you happy with the work that you do? Why would anyone spend a third of their day in a job, doing something that makes them unhappy?

Regardless of the nature of work that you are involved in, you can be happy and satisfied if you really want to. Here are some great ideas that could be the game changer in the way you look at your job and the work that you do. You owe it to yourself to find satisfaction in your job as long as you have it; whether you are the boss or employee.

Satisfaction is a mental attitude: Your own mental attitude is the one thing you posses over which you alone have complete control. You can choose to find satisfaction in your job and figure out ways to do so. If you are unhappy at your job, the poison of that dissatisfaction can spread in to every dimension of your living. Your mental attitude tilts the scale.

Happy and satisfied people control their mental attitudes. They generally have a positive outlook towards life and their circumstances. They look for the good; they look into themselves to see if they can improve. They try to learn more about their world so that they can be more proficient and make their work more satisfying to themselves and their employers.

On the other hand, those who are unhappy look for everything that they can complain about-just so they can be unhappy. Sadly, they succeed well in that too. You can control your mental attitude by the use of self motivators towards positive action in the desired direction. Here are a few tips you can try out:

  1. See beyond the routine: One of the secrets of job satisfaction is being able to see beyond the routine. You will find satisfaction in routine chores only when you see them as stepping stones leading you onward to your desired destination. No matter how dull, uninteresting or tiresome your job may be, if at the end of it all you are able to see a goal that you desire, that job can bring satisfaction to you. Even if the job does not offer you any mental challenge or stimulation, it serves you because it is the means towards a worthy end result-your work is leading you somewhere. This is true whether you are washing cars, digging ditches or the MD of an organization.
  2. You can be happier if you made others happy. Try and make each day a little brighter for every person you interact with. Bring enthusiasm into your job-you will make your work fun and your job satisfying. If you are going to do it anyway, why not do it with smile?
  3. What are your natural aptitudes or liking? When you work, engage in activities that come naturally to you. The characteristics, abilities and capacities that make you happy and successful in one environment may produce an exact opposite result in another. Change your position and place yourself in an environment that is pleasing to you. If it is not practical to change your position, then try to make adjustments in your environment to leverage on your characteristics, abilities and capacities for you to be happy. You are more apt to find satisfaction in your job if you do what comes naturally to you. When you take a job that does not come naturally, you may experience mental and emotional conflicts and frustrations.

Building a Sustainable Enterprise

In every business pursuit, there are certain parameters that every business person needs to understand in order to remain competitive. Firstly, you must have an in-depth understanding of the operating environment of the business- the business cycle, and the various forces at play in the market place that can work for or against the business that you are in.

Secondly, there is also the need to comprehend the simple fact that there are other players doing the same or similar business in the same market environment. Therefore it should be very clear in your mind who specifically are your direct and indirect competitors. Study them carefully to know their product offering and the target audience. You should then endeavor to define who your customers are, how are the demographics, what can you offer and how? All these plus more are questions that need answers.

Thirdly and most important, is the fact that you need to develop certain business tools that enables you to play your cards outside the confines of the other players. That is what gives you competitive advantage. The combination of various tools whether tangible or intangle is what sets you apart from everyone else. This is your unique selling preposition. This is what says you are different. It could be your packaging, customer service, after sales service, ambience, professionalism, approach and whole lots of other things.