Just because you are good looking doesn’t in any way guarantee that you are a good person. Good looks and good grooming have nothing at all to do with the quality of being. You can do a facial scrub, apply make-up, do a nice haircut, dress well and wear a designer’s cologne but still be an apology of a man or a woman on the inside.

You are a good person to the degree of the soundness of your emotional climate. Your emotional climate is determined by your thoughts construct. Thoughts are things and thoughts have consequences. Your emotional climate directs how you explain and interpret things out to yourself. That is really what makes you either a good person or bad person. A rotten thought pattern will obviously distort your perception of reality, how you view other people, how you behave towards them and your reactions or responses to situations.

If you are thinking ill towards someone, it is no way possible to feel good towards that person. Your behaviour and reactions towards them will tend to be hostile, confrontational, adversarial and fight-full. You can never be at peace with anyone else if you are not at peace with yourself.

The good news is that you can change that by altering your dominant thought patterns and mental attitudes. How? By deconstructing your mental model: Refuse, eradicate and reject any thought that demeans, devalues, demonizes, and degrades another person. Instead think highly of others; think well towards other people. Capitalize on thoughts of nobility, purity, harmony and good report.

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