Boys are men in training; the bridge, the hope and the promise of perpetuity of our society. If we raise up our boys into responsible men, then we have in essence created a better world for our women.

Many boys and young men today are experiencing identity crisis which stem from their lack of understanding of what it really means to be a man. ‘The Maze of Masculinity’ is a mentorship program designed to guide boys and young men to define their masculine identity, discern and recognize their God given gender assignment. It provides the much needed mentorship and coaching to help our young men and boys learn how to manage the emotional side of their personality and salvage our societal hopes for tomorrow.

This program will capacity build within our boys and young men the lasting qualities of character, industriousness and self-discipline. It will show them how to connect with a God who is more than enough and persuade them develop respect for unshakable love for Jesus Christ. It will transform our boys into honest, caring, strong decisive leaders and show them how to earn the respect of the people they serve. It will also prepare them on how to lead a family when they are grown; being respectful, keeper of commitment, loyal and faithful in marriage.

The program is a hybrid of both online and in person sessions spread across twelve months of graduated learning. Here is what they will be covering:
Module One: Understanding the male assignment
Module Two: The essence of manhood
Module Three: Identity and expression of Godly manhood
Module Four: Navigating through different stages of masculinity
Module Five: Identifying talents and gifts
Module Six: Cultivating true gentleman ship
Module Seven: Choosing a vocation
Module Eight: Cents Sense-Financial literacy
Module Nine: Managing Stress, Mental & Emotional Health: How to deal properly and reasonably with anger, disappointment and frustration.
Module Ten: Discovery of personal true mission or purpose in life
Module Eleven: How to walk in sexual purity and how to deal with sexual fantasies
Module Twelve: Developing a healthy personality

Boys and young men between ages 14 to 21 years.
For details on how to register your son, contact us through Email: or call us on +254773413419