Are you in accounting, human resources, quality control, production department and perhaps you have been thinking to yourself, ‘Selling is not part of my KPIs’?  Well think again! The truth is that you are as a matter of fact in sales: Everyone is in sales and that includes you as well.

In whatever capacity you work in, you actually do have clients hence the need to SELL them. Your client might be the departmental head; you need to sell him/her on your proposal, your promotion or your salary raise.

Your clients might be the people who work under you and you need their buy in to the project you are steering: You need to sell them on giving you their willing support. Your clients might even be people from other departments who could help you greatly in your area of assigned responsibility.

Every time you hear the phrase ‘selling your product or service’ don’t confine your perception of it only to the product or service that your company sells. Think about your own intangible personal product–YOU. And it is important you understand that you need to sell YOU and your ideas in order to advance yourself professionally in your career and increase your income level.